Suzette Madson, PT Telehealth Services

Telehealth Services

Telehealth Services offered at this time for clients in Washington State and New York State.

Consultation appointments available, including:

  • Evaluation and consultation regarding area of physical concern

  • Movement education and therapeutic exercise instruction

  • Education in injury prevention and injury management

  • Education in step by step progression of activity, including for work, recreation, athletics, artistic expression in dance and music, gardening

  • Ergonomics evaluation

  • Mechanics evaluation for posture and technique in work, recreation, dance and music

  • Education in preventative health techniques during this sensitive time in our community with respect to COVID-19

Workshops and classes offered in topics related to injury prevention, injury management, and step by step progression of activities. Please see Online Courses page for additional information and course dates.

The Healthy Dancers Program is designed for students, instructors, and performing dancers for prevention of injury and maximizing health with respect to this sensitive time in our community.

Telehealth Services available for dancers in Washington State and New York State. In-clinic appointments available in Bellevue, WA.

The Healthy Dancers Program includes education, movement education, technique and mechanics analysis, and manual therapy to facilitate:

  • Safe, productive return to the studio for dancers when the time is appropriate

  • Education in preventative health measures specific to the dance community and in light of this sensitive time in our community with respect to COVID-19

  • Sound physical health and progress in ongoing training moving forward

  • Focus on each dancer's unique body structure, mechanics, and physical conditions or injuries as they relate to optimal mechanics in dance movement

  • Specialty in sound body mechanics for Classical Ballet, Classical Spanish Dance, Highland Dance, Musical Theater Dance, Jazz Dance, Modern Dance

  • Preventative analysis and consultation for keeping our treasured instructors safe while teaching and demonstrating for classes online

  • Technique analysis available with focus on maximizing technical clarity while working within each dancer's unique alignment, level, and facility

  • Guiding and empowering dancers to create productive habits and safe spaces for practice that will transfer to the studio, theater, and convention venue