Suzette Madson, PT Healthy Dancers Program

Healthy Dancers Program





The Healthy Dancers Program is designed and updated to facilitate the prevention of injury and the maximizing of health with respect to this sensitive time in our community. This program serves all areas of the dance community, including:

  • Instructors teaching in the studio and online,

  • Studios, Companies, Theaters, and Convention/ Competition Venues

  • Administrative, Managerial, and Custodial Personnel

  • Musical Accompanists

  • Performing Dancers

  • Parents and Student Dancers

  • Medical Providers treating dancers

Telehealth Services available for dancers in Washington State and New York State. Clinic appointments available in Bellevue, WA.

Workshops available online and in studio- please see Online Courses page for additional information and course dates.

Consulting services available for designing protocols to promote health and safety within the culture of community and pursuit of excellence in the technique and art of dance.

Support and advocacy for the promotion of health in the Dance World, promoting:

  • Collaboration within the greater Dance World, in individual communities, companies, and studios

  • Continuing, up-to-date education for all in the transmission of illness, including illness due to COVID-19 and how to assist the dance community in navigating toward maximal health and safety long term. Special focus on specific ways to minimize cross- contamination and work within the requirements of dance study and performance while at the same time maximizing prevention of illness transmission.

  • Specific guidelines for companies, theaters, studios, and competition/ convention venues to maximize health and safety for all instructors, visiting instructors, students and families, as well as administrative, management, and custodial personnel

  • Celebrating the inherent culture of community for all in the Dance World, while at the same time re-defining hallmark messages regarding work ethic, pursuit of excellence, team work, and responsibility as they pertain to the needs of our community to promote progress in the technique and art of dance while at the same time keeping dancers and the greater community healthy and safe. Advocating for examination of what hallmark messages traditionally have meant for expectations and practical logistics, and considering expansion to prioritize self-care and community care within adapted messages

  • Support for the health and safety of our treasured instructors as they continue with online teaching

  • Support for the health and safety of our dedicated students of all levels as they continue their training online, with a focus on establishing clear fundamentals of technique, positive and nurturing self-care, and taking this time to explore a variety of aspects in dance as a comprehensive art form

  • Support for ease of access to formal care and support in mental and emotional health as our community navigates toward a flexibility and resiliency within the priority of community health

  • Support for online learning to include art history, artistic expression and elements of artistic performance, musicality, literature, memoirs, and video performances of our treasured artists who have each contributed to the art of performance, teaching, and choreography

The Healthy Dancers Program includes education, movement education, technique and mechanics analysis, and manual therapy to facilitate:

  • Safe, productive return to the studio for dancers when the time is appropriate

  • Step by step progression for jumping, turning, pointework, partnering, contact improvisation, and full aspects of all dance styles in preparation for and additionally once return to the studio is appropriate

  • Protocols for decision-making and class continuation for periodic return to online classes when necessary

  • Education in preventative health measures specific to the dance community and in light of this sensitive time in our community with respect to COVID-19

  • Sound physical health and progress in ongoing training moving forward

  • Focus on each dancer's unique body structure, mechanics, and physical conditions or injuries as they relate to optimal mechanics in dance movement

  • Specialty in sound body mechanics for Classical Ballet, Classical Spanish Dance, Character Dance, Highland Dance, Musical Theater Dance, Jazz Dance, Modern Dance

  • Preventative analysis and consultation for keeping our treasured instructors safe while teaching and demonstrating for classes online

  • Technique analysis available with focus on maximizing technical clarity while working within each dancer's unique alignment, level, and facility

  • Guiding and empowering dancers to create productive habits and safe spaces for practice that will transfer to the studio, theater, and convention venue

  • Fundamentals of alignment and technique for Classical Ballet Technique related to each dancer's unique facility, age, level of development, and experience

  • Fundamentals of Classical Spanish Dance Technique with additional focus on unique elements of style and the relation to Classical Ballet Performance