Suzette Madson, PT Policies and COVID-19 Response

Policies and COVID-19 Response

Scheduling policies regarding illness, office procedures, and precautionary polices and procedures regarding COVID-19.

Pre- Appointment Screening, Screening at Entry for all visitors, and Office Procedures for all clients and for therapist at high level of protection to maximize health and safety of everyone. Additional information will be provided to all patients prior to the first appointment.

Client education will be focused on specific ways to minimize cross- contamination as our community becomes more accustomed to use of masks, gloves, and social distancing.

Telehealth Services and Online Courses offered on an ongoing basis for established and new clients.

  • All patients under the age of 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for all appointments.

  • Please bring physician's prescription for physical therapy if applicable

  • Please bring Insurance card (s) or claim information

  • Please bring all reports and films for imaging and other diagnostic tests as applicable

  • Please bring comfortable clothing to allow for evaluation and treatment- all clothing must clean and laundered between each appointment. Recommend clothing that is dedicated specifically for physical therapy treatment.

  • All patients are required to wear socks for each appointment. Socks will be removed for specific treatment as determined by physical therapist after screening.

  • Clean face masks are required for wear in the clinic- please refer to special guidelines for the proper wear and use of face masks for clinic appointments. Face masks are available for patient use if desired.

  • Gloves are permitted for use in the clinic, however they must be newly clean and not worn prior to the start of each appointment. Surgical gloves are available for patient use if desired.

  • Face masks, gloves, and clothing brought to be used during treatment must be transported to and from the office in a freshly clean bag for each appointment.

  • Please note: All patients are required to wear regular outdoor clothing and shoes for entry/ exit to the building and in common areas. This policy is strictly enforced to maintain a professional atmosphere of the office building and to maximize safety for all patients.

  • Per office policies to maximize health and safety precautions, patients are not permitted to change clothing in restrooms, but will be given ample time and space to change clothing in the office prior to the start of the appointment.