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Suzette Madson, PT specializes in orthopedic, sports, and dance physical therapy. Treatment techniques include manual therapy, including muscle energy technique, Craniosacral Release, joint mobilization and myofascial release technique; exercise and body mechanics training; movement education; and technique analysis and education.

Every treatment is uniquely individualized to each person's condition and circumstances.

Patients requiring aquatic exercise may have their sessions at the nearby Bellevue Aquatic Center.

Telehealth Services are available for assessment and consultation for continuing treatment, exercise and movement education, ergonomics and mechanics evaluation, and technique assessment. Telehealth services are available for clients in Washington State and New York State.

Online Courses are offered periodically for established and new clients.

Current offered courses:

Minimizing Cross- Contamination

Masks and Gloves: Proper Handling to Minimize Cross-Contamination

Injury Prevention and Management, Exercise and Workout Progression

Studying and Working from home: Ergonomics and Self- Care

Pacing Exercise to Reduce Injury

Studying and Working from home: Exercises to Reduce Back and Neck Strain

Current offered courses for dancers:

Injury Prevention and Management for Dancers

Anatomy of the Foot and Ankle for Dancers

For Dancers: Returning to the Studio and Preparing for Summer Course

For Dancers: Anatomy and Mechanics for Proper Turnout and Arabesque

For Dancers: Anatomy and Mechanics for Releve and Demi- Releve

For Dancers: Safety Considerations for Online Classes

Consultation and workshops are available to support health and safety in all areas of the dance community.

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